NYDN - One day after Rex Ryan benched Sanchez for third-stringer Greg McElroy for Sunday’s game against the Chargers, the Daily News learned on Wednesday that the Jets will explore trading the player that they once believed would be their franchise quarterback. It’s a stunning reality for a team that enjoyed the success of back-to-back AFC Championship Game appearances in Sanchez’s first two seasons. The Jets’ decision to look for trading partners doesn’t eliminate the possibility that he could be back in 2013 and still compete for the starting job. In order for the Jets to pull off a deal, they would almost certainly have to absorb the bulk of Sanchez’s guaranteed $8.25 million base salary for 2013.  The Jets’ need to replace Sanchez with a veteran signal caller could lead them to another player who has fallen on hard times recently. The News has learned that Michael Vick, who is expected to be released by the Eagles shortly after the season, would be amenable to coming to the Jets if Sanchez is out of the equation. “Bring it on,” one Jets source said about signing Vick if he becomes available. “He was hit too many times (behind a subpar offensive line) the last two years.” Rex Ryan may be the X-factor to landing Vick, according to sources. Ryan has always had an affinity for Vick, who could potentially help save the  coach from getting his walking papers after the 2013 season. “(Ryan) loves him,” a team official said.

And so it begins. So it fucking begins. We all knew it was coming. We all know the Jets can’t sit back and go through a transition period where they try to groom a new, young quarterback. We know they want to make a move and land a high profile name for back pages and headlines. And we all know the only guy who’s a big enough loser to join this shitshow Arena Football League circus is Michael Vick. No other self respecting quarterback with a shred of talent would waste their time with Rex Ryan and Tony fucking Sparano. Most guys would take one look at the way they handled Sanchez, the way they handled Tebow, and run for the hills. But not Vick. He’s got nothing left. He’s already living on borrowed time. He’s gonna get cut from one dysfunctional reject franchise – might as well join another. Match made in fucking heaven. And I love this notion that Rex “loves him.” Whats to love dude? A non traditional mobile quarterback who loves to run and can’t throw? That sounds a lot like the guy you benched all season for Mark Sanchez and now a 3rd string Greg McElroy.

And hey Tannenbaum, good luck trading Mark Sanchez! Sucked every ounce of confidence and ability from this dude and now you’re gonna try to step to the negotiating table and deal him. I’ll consider it a miracle if you get a 7th round pick.