Here’s a serious question – under the new NBA anti-flopping rules is there a clause that states if you flop against the biggest bitch of all time Kris Humphries you automatically get kicked out of the league? Like for all that talk about going to war and rocket launchers and uzis and M-16s all I see is a dude crumpling like a house of cards because reality TV star Kris Humphries grazed him. I mean if Hump didn’t come down slightly with that left arm there almost woulda been no contact. And then KG has 6 foot tall Rajon Rando do his dirty work while he stands there hugging that bald security guard in the middle of an NBA donnybrook. What a fraud. After watching this if anyone in the NBA is afraid of KG they are flat out pussy. Here was his chance to back up all those years of trash talk and he just stood there watching everyone else defend him. Almost like a chick when her boyfriend stands up for her. Looks like my Special Forces Athlete draft pick would be a total bust.