So Big Cat over in Chicago has been getting a lot of love on the Barstool Network recently. People say he’s making a run at the crown to be the funniest blogger in the empire. And deservedly so. He’s a funny ass dude. Total lunatic and maybe the weirdest dude on the payroll but the guy can blog his dick off. Reminds me of myself when I was blogging anonymously part time and I only had to write 6 blogs a day and I woke up every day to put pants on. Speaking of pants…this is a picture from yesterday at Bull & Bear’s Sunday Funday in Chicago. And thats your boy Big Cat rocking the skinniest pair of skinny jeans I’ve ever seen. Hey Big Cat did you borrow those from your sister! Did you use a brush or a roller to paint those bad boys on? Did you put them in the dryer before you went out so they’d be that tight? Christ almighty, Big. What kinda stunt is this? Are you trying to bring down the empire? I’ve spent years making fun of hipster doofuses like this. Put blood sweat and tears into making fun of Occupy Wall Street dicks and skater losers for wearing outfits like that. While you were toiling away on some tumblr site I was establishing Barstool Sports as the most anti-hipster establishment on the internet. And now I see that you’re prancing around in a pair of jeans you scooped up from the womens section of Urban Outfitters.

As the resident fashionisto here at Barstool (see: Forever Lazy fame, my Chris Christie fleece¬†which everyone at Barstool has since copied) I don’t know what to think. I think there should be a rule that if you work for Barstool you can’t wear skinny jeans and a plaid button down like some sort of hipster clown. No moose knuckle if you wanna be down with the Stool. I’ll leave it up to the Stoolies.

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