(Fast forward to 30 seconds in)

I hate skaters. Hate them. Worse than hipsters, although they are often one in the same. I see them all the time down at Union Square Park wearing their Vans and a backpack even though they don’t have a shirt on. Clowns. And they putz around doing super sweet awesome kick flips and ollies and they always fuck up. Seriously has anyone ever seen someone land a skateboard trick that isn’t in the X Games? They squat down and bend their knees and concentrate super hard and then when the pop off and do the trick the board just flips over and they pick it up and do it all over again. Never seen one trick successfully landed.

So yea, if I had a gun, I’d probably pull it on some skater punk. Difference is, where I come from, my grandmama told me if you pull heat you better use it son. Don’t pull out your little mini gun that looks like the guns girls carry in their purses in the movies and then get your fuckin ass STOMPED on. I mean sure nobody is trying to do 25 to life for murdering someone with a firearm but once you’re getting whacked with a skateboard and your face is getting mashed into mincemeat you might wanna at least fire a warning shot or something.

PS – Oh yeah this is the email that came with the video:

well basically I sent this to boston like a week ago and it didn’t get posted. It’s pure gold. View it, post it and tell EP he sucks at choosing videos. Very Respectfully, Josh.

So Pres must be slipping in his old age at this point. Holding on to his glory days of indian dudes gettin electrocuted a year ago while the fresh blood from Barstool NY keeps the new hotness coming.

PPS – On another note completely unrelated to fat kids getting their asses beat, the final batch of photos from the Launch Party are up on the Barstool NY Facebook Fan Page. The photographer took all these photos in high resolution and we had to shrink them down to fit on the blog and thats why the quality was so poor. These look much better on facebook. So head over to the fan page to see the smokes that were at the party, including the First Lady. How that idiot El Pres landed her is beyond comprehension.