Bottom of the 7th. You’re down 38-36. 2 outs. You’re also a 40 year old man with a beer gut, a dead end job, a nagging wife and 3 kids. Under the lights, on national TV. The rules state you only get to hit 10 home runs as a team, after that every HR is an out. Pressure’s on for a base knock.

You rip it to dead center. One run will score! Two runs will sco…NO! Tony the Plumber didn’t slide! He didn’t slide! He’s tagged on the beer belly at the plate! The Futures win, 38-37! The Futures win! Ghosts of Jeremy Giambi and the Jeter flip will haunt Team USA forever!

I am not even remotely kidding when I say I’d watch slow pitch softball religiously if it was aired regularly.

PS – Just did a little research and found out the most home runs in one slow pitch softball season belongs to Mike Macenko, 2nd baseman of the Steele Silver Bullets, in 1987. 844 home runs in a 350 game season. That is just absolutely tremendous. The fact that it still stands 25 years later is a testament to just how prolific Mike Macenko was.