NY PostShe enjoyed the daily morning whippings — but she did not like being kicked to the curb by her beloved master. Frankie Santiago embraced a role as live-in fetish slave to dominating Manhattan investment-banker beau Edward Sonderling, playing out a bondage fantasy similar to college student Anastasia Steele and older Christian Grey in the erotic novel “Fifty Shades of Grey.” But it all took a twisted turn when Santiago, 27, found out Sonderling, 53, had been training his whips on her replacement. The submissive Santiago exploded in a fit of rage, law-enforcement sources said, allegedy shattering Sonderling’s car windshield and bombarding him with dozens of text threats. “If I ever see you with her I will not hold back. I have nothing to lose,” Santiago railed in one text. “I hope she has a disease you catch.” Santiago and Sonderling — who has the body of a much younger man and is known as King Eddo — were regulars on Manhattan’s BDSM circuit, where Sonderling boasted of being a “whipping aficionado,” said a source who knows the pair. She was his live-in slave for about three years, the source said. “Basically, she was there to serve his sexual needs. She’s his toy, his fetish slave.” At one downtown fetish event, a source recalled Sonderling openly whipping Santiago and boasting, “She has had a lot of practice. I whip her every morning before breakfast.”  “I hope you and [the new girl] rot in hell,” she fumed. “I hope karma gets both of you, you rotten piece of s–t.” And, in a shot toward Sonderling’s elderly mom, Santiago raged, “I hope your mother croaks at the sight of another one of your sluts.”

First thing’s first, what a fucking awful BDSM nickname for this investment banker guy. “King Eddo?” Thats the best you got? I would be KFC, the Cock Colonel. But that would mean I’m the colonel of my own cock. Not other cocks. I would just control my won cock while having sex with chicks. No other coloneling of cocks. Ok maybe King Eddo ain’t as bad as I think.

Anyway, whats the old S&M saying? “No matter how kinky of a sex slave she is, theres a dominant male out there tired of whipping her.” You see, Frankie – or should I call you Althea? – your shelf life as a sex slave minx is expiring. You’re a depreciating asset. Like the article says, you’re a toy. You know what happens every single year? Better, cooler toys come out. That remote control car you got last Christmas ain’t top of the line anymore. That Super Soaker you had last summer is a fucking squirt gun now compared to the other water guns on the market. And the Filipino bondage whore who’s been living with you for 3 years is now used goods. There’s a shiny brand new 19 year old Eastern European whore ready to be spanked. So, sorry, Frankie. Those are the breaks. You wanna be someones toy, don’t be surprised when you get thrown in a box and put in the attic.

Just ask Woody and Buzz.