NYDN - Horndog High keeps on howling. A married city teacher at a Brooklyn high school where two of her colleagues carried on a sapphic tryst had a month-long sex romp on the campus grounds with her 16-year-old student, a new court filing says. English teacher Erin Sayar, 35, is accused of having sex with 11th-grader Kevin Eng at least eight times last December when she was supposed to be tutoring him. The trysts happened in her SUV and at Brooklyn’s scandalized James Madison High School — which was dubbed “Horndog High” in 2009 when two female teachers were axed after two handymen caught them in a naked embrace in a classroom. “I love you so much,” Kevin wrote his teacher in one Facebook message, according to a Special Commissioner of Investigation report. The affair may have continued if not for the teen’s jealous girlfriend, who hacked into his Facebook account and discovered the steamy messages between Sayar and him, the filing says. The girlfriend then snitched to school officials, who informed the student’s mother in January. He also described tattoos on intimate parts of Sayar’s body. Investigators also pored over the teacher’s cell phone records and found she and Eng exchanged an astounding 3,856 text messages during a 17-day period last December.

New RochelleMarisa Anton, 33, a female librarian at New Rochelle high school, was arrested Wednesday by New Rochelle Police after going to meet a 16-year old male youth for what she believed would be a sexual encounter. Anton did not report to work today at the high school, sources say. The boy, a student at the school, had complained to his parents that Anton had made inappropriate remarks that made the boy uncomfortable. The parents called the police. The police set up a sting: they had the boy call Anton and arrange a meeting. When Anton showed up for the meeting she was arrested. The initial tip came from long-time Talk of the Sound source and school district insider known only as “Deep Throat”.

Wow! What a day! What a day indeed. We’ve got the smokebomb who had a bounty on her pussy from earlier today. Now we’ve got horny librarians getting entrapped in sting operations like something straight out of a porno. We’ve got yet another incident from Horndog High in Brooklyn, this time including a psychopath who texted her 16 year old like 300 times a day.

This has gotta be a Golden Age for sex scandals in New York, right? I’d have to consult Jerry Thornton to be sure, but I’m not sure we’ve ever seen so many sex scandals of this caliber all at once. The James Madison Horn Dog High scandals started in 2009 and 3 years later its only gotten more out of hand. This shit is like the Steroid Era in Major League Baseball. Fuckin everybody is hitting home runs. Guys, girls, lesbians. Old, young. On camera, off camera. Feels like every morning when you’d wake up and check Sportscenter and see that McGwire and Sosa both hit another home run. Every day I peruse the world of smut I see yet another sex addict slut teacher banging her students. Now, the sex scandal purist in me likes when it used to be a rarity to see a teacher fuck their student just like I enjoy a good pitchers duel. But goddam its fun to watch these broads bang out every single day like they’re chasing a single season record.

PS – The girlfriend who ratted out her boyfriend in the Horndog High story is a seriously spiteful and vindictive bitch. Straight up ruining careers and lives with that snitch. Only person worse than her is the kid in the second story who “complained to his parents that Anton had made inappropriate remarks that made the boy uncomfortable.” Really dude? Snap out of it! What, a hot older woman made you feel her cans? Stop crying like a little girl.