Daily MailUnderwater swimmer Hannah Fraser has been fascinated with mermaids since she was three years old. Hannah, 36, an Australian who now lives in LA, made her first mermaid tail at the age of nine, after seeing the film Splash with Daryl Hannah. Now she works as a model, actress and performer, swimming with whales, dolphins, stingrays and even sharks. Hannah can hold her breath for up to two minutes and swim to depths of 45 feet, allowing her to move like a real mermaid, without the restraints of diving gear. In these images she is seen swimming with humpback whales off Vava’u Island, Tonga, to promote marine conservation and oppose whale hunting.  ‘A baby humpback was curious and actually came up to me,’ said Hannah. ‘The whales were singing so loudly and the baby whale was squealing, which sounds even louder under the water. It was a very powerful experience.’ In 2009, Hannah swam in her tail with 14ft Great White Sharks off Guadalupe island, Mexico. ‘I thought if I was going to be a professional mermaid I’d have to face my fear of sharks,’ she admitted.  I got my tail on and got into the water. I was supposed to be surrounded by divers, but in the mermaid tail I swim much faster than anyone else. I realised I was on my own, but I stayed calm.’ She added: ‘Another time a shark turned round and came towards me, so I made a scary face and screamed at it in the water. Amazingly I scared it off. I felt invincible for months afterwards.’

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