I have to be honest. My initial interest in the Bee was purely out of irony. But I shit you not, when Arvind and Rushlow were going toe-to-toe in the middle portion of the finals, I found myself more emotionally invested than I have been in any recent Yankee game. There were just so many story lines in play tonight, even before Stuti and Snighda had their all-slumdog final. Nicholas Rushlow quickly demonstrated how threatening his new-age, do it my own way attitude can be to the spelling bee brass. I guarantee Mr. and Mrs. Scripps let out a huge exhale when he lost just moments after asking for the spelling of his word without cracking a smile. The kid was cocky, yet respectful. He was like new money moving into an old money, gated community. Everyone wanted him out, and dammit they got their wish this time, but you know he’ll be back and fired up next year with a whole new respect for French to German words.

Gifton Wright showed more heart than I ever thought imaginable. This is what you have to love about the Bee. You could see the transition in the way players approached the podium after having the pleasure of competing against Gifton. His incredible manners rubbed off on everybody, and by 9:00, every contestant was throwing out “Yes, sirs” and Thank you, sirs” left and right. Emma is either a pompous bitch who thought she was too hot for Scripps or she was just hedging her bets and playing the part. Thinking she wasn’t gonna win anyway, so why not just make it seem like you don’t give a fuck. The sad part is, she coulda been something if she had a little fight in her. But in the end, you have to give credit where credit’s due. And while Stuti was forced to endure 10 seconds of shame and embarrassment on national TV, standing under the confetti that rained down on who she could have been, Snighda won this thing with class and pride. Acting like you’ve been there before is one of the greatest character traits a person can have and Snig killed it. Congratulations to all the contestants and especially Snighda for a great tournament, but you’re out of your fucking mind if you think Arvind isn’t going the distance next year.

P.S.- We joked around on Twitter, but Scripps is gonna look really fucking stupid when it comes out that Frank Cahill is 35-years-old with 2 kids and a mortgage.

Double P.S.- Seriously, someone keep an eye on Lena. She wasn’t looking too good toward the end there.