Daily MailA powerful new storm system is preparing to batter the East Coast next week, even as millions are still reeling from the devastation left by Superstorm Sandy. The nor’easter storm will bring snow and strong winter winds beginning Tuesday, Election Day, until Thursday. Most of the severe weather will hit northern New England – hundreds of miles north of where Sandy made landfall. However, New York and New Jersey can expect frigid winds and rain as hundreds of thousands remain without power and homeless.  AccuWeather expert senior meteorologist Henry Margusity said: ‘For millions of people still recovering from Superstorm Sandy, this is not welcome news. ’Thousands are projected to still be in the dark on Election Day, following Sandy’s impact.

Greeeeattt. Nothin like some freezing cold temperatures and rain for millions of people with no power and heat. That should be fun. I would say when it rains it pours but its more like “When it hurricanes then it rains and pours again.”

I love how people are like “On Election Day!” Give me a goddam break. We’ll see how much people really care about voting when they’re busy trying to get food and gas and stay warm in the dark. Voting is so overrated. Like every single time it just comes down to Ohio and Florida. Why can’t we just let those two states vote and whoever wins that shit is the President. Literally zero reason for other states to vote.