This next Isles-Rangers game may not ultimately decide who gets seventh and who gets eighth.  Still got a handful of games for each team after it and anything can happen in these last two weeks.  But the shit-talking stakes are sky high this weekend.  The bragging rights are up for grabs.  Mayor KFC of Bandwagon City, Long Island has his constituents fired up like Nazis at a book burning.  And Rangers fans certainly don’t want to see any more trashy Isles fans chirping it up in the comment section, overly pumped because a blogger finally paid their team some attention.  Lots on the line, ladies.  It’ll be a playoff atmosphere in Nassau for sure.  Saturday night - it’s on!

PS – Devils in full on free fall mode.  Guarantee you Gumdrop is eating his feelings after that 5-4 loss to Boston.  Ice cream cartons beware.