When I finally got cable and Internet back after that Monsoon last night, I was greeted with news of a Knicks blowout, a Rangers loss, and a Robertson blown save. Suicide was looking pretty good for old pizza boy for a few minutes. I got KFC tweeting at me, rubbing it in my face. I just know he was sitting there with the draft all ready to go for the last week. “How bad do Yankee fans miss Mo right now?” That’s not even original, Kevin. I got the same one from like 40 other Mets fans as petty as you, waiting for the first blown save in the Michael Kay-proclaimed AM era (After Mo). So far, in Robertson’s two save chances, he’s loaded the bases in both games, and given up the lead once. I still have plenty of confidence in him, but he’s gonna have to stop getting himself into these jams. The ninth is a whole different ball game, and sometimes those Houdini miracles he was pulling in the 8th aren’t gonna translate.

P.S.- Matt Joyce twisting his ankle and hobbling around the bases like old man Amare last night was the cherry on top to just a wonderful night in NY sports.