Huffington Post - It was a harrowing case of teeth cleaning gone awry for one British teen who feared she might die after swallowing her toothbrush. According to The Sun, 19-year-old Georgie Smith, of Brighton, East Sussex, felt the tooth brush slipping down her throat but couldn’t do much to stop it. Smith, a student at Guildford University, has no gag reflex. “I thought I was going to choke to death and was stunned when I [realized] it wasn’t stuck in my throat and I could breathe,” Smith told the Sun. Doctors allegedly told the teen that there was nothing they could do, and she should just wait for “nature to take care of things.” “Nobody knows where it is as X-rays don’t show plastic. It could be dissolving in my intestines or may already have passed through,” she said.

How much dick has this chick sucked in her whole life that she accidentally swallowed a whole fucking toothbrush? Thousands? Millions? Make no mistake about it, when chicks don’t have a gag reflex they know they’ve been blessed with a gift. Even if they don’t necessarily want to be slutty they realize that it would be a waste not to deepthroat everything in sight. Its like when theres a kid who’s like 6 feet tall in the 4th grade and even though he doesn’t even like sports and wants to be a musician or something gay he signs up for basketball because he knows he’s got to. Thats like chicks who realize they have no gag reflex.

So the only question for Georgie Smith is just how loose is that throat and just how stupid can she be that she accidentally swallowed a fucking toothbrush? Just sitting there scrubbing those chompers and brushing that tongue and WHOOPS next thing you know you’ve swallowed an Oral-B whole. I guess if you’re used to playing Heather Brooke from IDeepThroat swallowing a toothbrush is like swallowing some Tylenol. But goddam you’ve gotta be stupid to let that happen.

PS – Have fun shitting that out, toots. She’s already got no gag reflex – after she passes that toothbrush I’m sure she’ll be able to take the D anywhere.