LOWER EAST SIDEA knife and fork are the latest weapons in the war on rats at this local gallery space. A new exhibition at the Allegra LaViola Gallery shocked art-lovers Wednesday night by making a feast of the sewer-dwelling scourge. Brooklyn artist Laura Ginn organized the $100-a-head dinner party for patrons of the the East Broadway gallery, offering up an entree of vermin as part of her new show, “Tomorrow We Will Feast Again on What We Catch.” The event, which purported to explore urban self-sufficiency using “one of New York City’s truly sustainable resources,” raised the needed funds to pull off the art show using the fundraising site Kickstarter, ”culminating in an urban hunter-gatherer feast.”" ”The [rat's] head was removed, but you could see the limbs,” said Owens, 41, of the main course of braised and grilled rodent. “It freaked me out.” A rat and pork paté was served as an appetizer, with braised and grilled rodent carcass dished out next, followed by a palette-cleansing sorbet to finish it off, Owens explained. However, he said could only stomach a small bite of the entree — noting that it tasted like beef — before passing it off to his friend, who polished off two helpings. ”I live in New York, and everyday I encounter rats. They are filthy,” said the Queens resident, adding that he and other patrons were made to sign a disclaimer from the gallery “in case you died or choked on something.”Another diner, a 33-year-old Brooklyn man who declined to give his name, was told 75 rats were used to make the meal, prepared by chef Yuri Hart. ”There were very few plates with something left on it,” said the man, adding he is a friend of Ginn and had previously eaten rats with her. But gallery-goers didn’t gnaw on your typical street rat. Owens said guests were told the rodents were “medical rats,” imported from a ”clean and safe facility” on the West Coast, and taste-tested beforehand by both the artist and chef.

Imported medical rats from the west coast?? How fuckin anti-hipster is that? You wanna “take something directly from the world?” Go get your fuckin subway rat and barbecue that shit up. Importing fresh rats from California is cheating. Some bougie rat feast with gourmet vermin ain’t art. That ain’t hipster. The street meat you get on the corner is more artistic than this white glove rat banquet this bitch hosted.

“Tomorrow We Will Feast Again on What We Catch.” What a fuckin crock.