Brisbane TimesParents have said schools are powerless to act on allegations students are having sex on school buses. Veteran Queensland bus driver Graham King today made the claims in the The Queensland Times, saying the unruly students were also smoking cannabis on buses. Mr King, who has driven buses in Ipswich for 40 years, has discovered used condoms and marijuana joints at the end of school runs. He said other drivers had reported students performing sexual acts on buses. ”If there’s children smoking cannabis and having sex on a school bus, that’s totally inappropriate and the parents in that area need to meet with the local school bus community and work through the issues.” Mr King is at his ”wits’ end” with misbehaving children throwing food, fighting and burning holes in seats. ”You are constantly looking in the mirror to see what the students are doing, and not looking at the cars in front of you,’’ Mr King said. ”The drivers have to have 100 pairs of eyes just to get the kids home safely.”

Wait a second this guy is surprised that kids are having sex on his school bus?  Listen pal.  Hate to break it to you but that’s what the school bus is for.  Like if you don’t find a bunch of joints and used condoms by the end of your run you’re doing it all wrong.  I was on this bus one year that was like a combination of Mardi Gras,  Middle School Fuck Fest, and a UFC championship match.   No joke there was this one kid who sat in the back right corner seat with his girlfriend and every day once we pulled out of school he’d pull his windbreaker over his lap and she’d blow him until he got to his stop.  I still have that fucking smirk burned into my brain every time I accidentally glanced over.  I mean here I am just trying to listen to Now! 2 on my Walkman, nibble on some Dunkaroos and jump off the seats when we hit the good bumps.   Nope little innocent kmarko had to deal with dudes getting their dicks sucked all over the place.  Meanwhile a few seats up someone who heard that someone else had put their girlfriend in their Top 5 list and passed it around the cafeteria would just start swinging and a mosh pit would break out.   Oh and not the mention the fucking retarded kid would be crying the whole time because the district eliminated the short bus to cut down on funds.  So here I am surrounded by sex and fights and rock and roll and down syndrome.  And people wonder why I turned out this way.