NYDNA television station in St. Louis has alerted the state’s social service department about a sickening video showing two toddlers fighting and screaming while their mother eggs them on. The video surfaced on Facebook on Sunday, and a woman who knows the mother involved sent it to KTVI television, the station reported. ”Got some action! Got some action!” the mother yells in the video, as two little girls, who appear to be around 3, punch and swat each other while shrieking in agony. ”Y’all better ball up some fists!” the mother yells.

Some people are gonna get all fired up about this and say this woman is a horrible mother and the kids should be taken away and blah blah blah. The reality of the matter is these 2 little girls have a lifetime of 5 am Waffle House brawls and World Star Hip Hop videos ahead of them. They need all the practice they can get. Just consider this fight some friendly hood rat sparring.