Add another Gentile to the roster!

So since the dawn of Barstool Sports our readers have always complained that we don’t blog on nights and weekends. Acting like I’m some sort of comedy slave that should be at their internet beck and call blogging hot fire every second of every day. Fuck you guys! Don’t you idiots know I’m addicted to television and drinking?

But starting this weekend we’re expanding the roster for full time blogging around the clock. Introducing JMac, the newest non Jewish member of Barstool. It took long enough, and I was outnumbered for a while, but I think we finally have more Gentiles than Chosens in the empire. JMac is gonna be blogging on the weekends and at night if there is any big moments in sports or anything noteworthy occurring. Now knowing Stoolies, the same guy who complains “How come nobody blogs on the weekends, you lazy fucks?” will be saying “Anyone who blogs on the weekends is a fucking square!” simply because they are contradictory idiots. But truth be told I stumbled on JMac’s website when we were looking for a Chicago writer but since he’s from Astoria I’ve been waiting to find a spot for him. Dude is hungry and knows the opportunity when he sees one.

So you loser Stoolies who need Barstool to guide you every second of your lives get your wish. Tune into the New York site Saturday and Sunday now for some Barstool Overtime and follow JMac on twitter @TheJustinMac. We’re goin 24/7 in this bitch.

Earth Shattering Update – JMac just informed me he’s half Jewish. Unbefuckinglievable. Dude pulled a Reverse Feitelberg! I would have bet my left nut Feits was a Chosen with a last name like that but it turns he was just a Fake Jew with a weird name. Now I go and try to hire a nice Irish Catholic kid, hire Justin MacGregor, and turns out hes a goddam Jew. I thought he was part of the IRA for God’s sake. Nope, just your average Jewish kid reading the Old Testament, not believing in Jesus. Another Jew weasels his way into the empire.