Newser) – If all goes as planned, Staten Island will be the site of the world’s tallest Ferris wheel in 2015, reports the New York Post. Mayor Bloomberg and state and city bigwigs unveiled plans for the 625-foot-high ride yesterday. It will beat the current No. 1 Singapore Flyer by 84 feet and be the signature part of a $480 million development plan to juice the Staten Island waterfront. The wheel will be able to hold 1,440 passengers at once.

625 feet! You know how hard its gonna be for me to finger chicks when I’m 600 fucking feet in the air?? I probably won’t even be able to get my D hard for a handie because I’ll be busy battling vertigo as we overlook the Staten Island garbage dumps. Hey Staten Island, ferris wheels are created for people to get to 3rd base. Not join the Mile High Club you maniacs.

Not envious of the dude who has to clean up the cabins on this ferris wheel. Almost 1500 people per ride means like 200-300 orgasms per rotation. Might as well go be a mop boy cleaning up the floor of a porn theater