The Jersey ChaserMove over Tony Parker! Back in December, basketball fans were stunned when Pheonix Suns star Steve Nash filed for divorce from his wife just a day after she had a baby. Since then new information has surface about the separation. Nash married Alejandra Amarilla in 2005 but broke up a few months before the baby was born after rumors of cheating allegations. The allegations were confirmed when Aljejandra gave birth to a black baby. Now the father is said to be Nash’s former teammate Jason Richardson. The Suns abruptly traded Richardson to the Orlando Magic in December, around the same time the baby was born. Sounds like an entire season’s worth of material for basketball wives!

I’m not sure if I’m late to the party on this story or if its just a rumor or if people just don’t know about it. But I will tell you I can’t think of anything worse than your wife churning out a baby of a different race. I didn’t know that ever even happened in real life. Thought that was just a storyline from Me Myself & Irene. Thats easily the most embarrassing thing a woman can do to you. It edges out “Having your girlfriend go on the Real World and cheat on you in front of a national audience” as the worst thing that can happen to a man. And then double whammy, it turns out to be the giant black forward you’ve been lobbing alley oops all season long. Thats one hell of an assist, Stevie. Most unselfish player in the league!

This is why I can’t believe anybody in the NBA ever lets their wives go near another player. You know the stories. You know how this league works. I mean, fuck, you know how many wives you yourself have fucked. So what makes you think that the other 4 guys on the court with you wouldn’t bang your wife?

If I was in the NBA the only dude I would have ever let near my wife is AC Green.

PS – the only payback for this is to go find Jason Richardson’s wife and nail her. Right? Can you imagine the look on Richardson’s face when his wife churns out a baby that’s half black half Hobbit? Payback’s a bitch, Jay.