YouTube“Stinky” is the poorly chosen name people in the Cayman Islands gave to the loner Dolphin which cruises “our” waters here since four years. He was expelled from his pod, maybe because of bad behavior…. who can tell… There have been many encounters over the years but the encounters seem to become more and more aggressive. This is probably because the Dolphin is now sexually mature and at the height of his “potential”. But, being a loner Dolphin, he has no mate to court (there aren’t many Dolphins in “our” waters). So he is becoming a sexually frustrated young male Dolphin. This makes it a bad idea to actively seek contact with him because he could use you as a mate (Dolphins are known for such behavior). Dolphins are also know to rape other Dolphin (males/females) and humans.

Poor Stinky. You want to ridicule me for sympathizing with an attempted rapist, that’s fine. I don’t think rape is funny – but you know what’s even less funny than rape? Being so hard up to bust a nut that you finally make the immoral commitment to sexual assault, only to be incapable of the act because you have a pair of tiny fins instead of arms. Next time you bang your chick, try mounting her with your hands behind your back while she moves her hips side to side avoiding your dong. Like playing Operation in a bumper car. That’s Stinky’s life 24/7/365 – as is his boner. Can’t get rid of it no matter what he does. Imagine that? No wonder dolphins are always offing themselves in tuna nets. What I don’t get is, the guy who posted this video is supposedly so pro-dolphin, yet he dipped into Stinky’s living room with his buddy just flaunting their fuck holes. Real nice, douchebag. I’m not saying you gotta take the pounding, but if you love dolphins so much the least you could do is hold a Fleshlight for him.