NewsfeedAs Jerry Seinfeld might say, Philadelphia is telling the world, “I give up.” The City of Brotherly Love is known for many things—the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, cheese steaks—but a new report suggests that also leads the nation in casual outerwear. A recent study by Experian Marketing tracked how many sweats were purchased by residents in 209 market areas in the United States and found that Philadelphians tend to keep it casual. “Philadelphia is the highest ranking when it comes to the mean number of sweats and sweat items that are purchased each year,” John Fetto, a researcher for Experian, told CBS News. This is Philadelphia’s second year in a row as the reigning champion of the sweat suit rankings. Hartford, Conn., claimed the second highest spot this year, and Pittsburgh, Penn., found itself in third place.

Well this is probably the least surprising study of all time. How can you expect to throw snowballs at Santa if you’re in a jeans and a button down? You know how hard it is to puke on children at a baseball game if you’re wearing a three piece suit? You’re gonna need a hoodie to hide your identity after you murder someone in the parking lot after a sporting event. You see its not really that people from Philly like to be comfortable so they wear sweatpants. Its more like a costume. No, a uniform. Philadelphians wake up each morning and put on their sweats to allow them to commit various acts of crimes and white trashiness free of any restrictions traditional clothing my present. You can always flee the scene easily and when every police description is 5 foot 10 male, 220 pounds in sweat pants and an Eagles hoodie, nobody ever gets caught.