Reuters Health) - One out of every seven Los Angeles high schoolers with a cell phone has sent a sexually-explicit text message or photo, according to results of a 2011 survey that also found “sexters” more likely to engage in risky sex behaviors. In the new study, the LA teens who had sent racy texts were seven times more likely to be sexually active than those who said they’d never sexted. “No one’s actually going to get a sexually transmitted disease because they’re sexting,” said Eric Rice, a social network researcher from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, who led the new study. “What we really wanted to know is, is there a link between sexting and taking risks with your body? And the answer is a pretty resounding ‘yes,’” he told Reuters Health. A study of Houston, Texas, high schoolers out earlier this summer found one in four teens had sent a naked photo of themselves through text message or email, and those kids were also much more likely to be having risky sex. (See Reuters Health story of July 2, 2012). Rice’s findings, published Monday in the journal Pediatrics, are based on 1,839 students in Los Angeles high schools, most of whom were Latino. Three-quarters of them owned a cell phone that they used regularly. On a survey sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, just over 40 percent of teens with a cell phone said they’d had sex, and about two-thirds used a condom the last time they did.

When is the world just gonna realize that teens fuck? When can we stop with the studies and the research and the analysis about what leads to teens banging? You know what the number 1 cause of teen sex is? Being fucking born. Once you’re alive you’re gonna try to have sex when you’re a teenager. If you don’t succeed than you’re a square loser virgin and if you do succeed, congratulations, you’re a normal human. It doesn’t matter if they are playing adult video games. Doesn’t matter if they watch adult television. Doesn’t matter if they send racy text messages. Its human nature to want to put your D in the P and by the time you’re 16 if you’re not trying than something is wrong with you.

Now, you wanna clarify what “risky” sex means? Because a study about chicks who sext and how they are more open to anal would probably be worthwhile. Teens who sext more likely to engage in group gangbangs. Chicks who sext like to give head. Give me the statistics on that. A) because I wanna know precisely how much my sexting should be paying off and B) I need to know if I should ever give my daughter a cell phone.

Sidenote – If you think that 1,500 Latino teens in Los Angeles are a good barometer for sexual activity in this country, you are sorely mistaken, scientists. Half those kids probably have baby mamas and child support payments while white kids across the country are just looking for an OTPHJ