Refined vs. Sloppy. Class vs. Blue Teletubby. Fine cuisine vs. an unhealthy obsession with donuts. June 8th’s Subway Series opener brings with it more than just the initial opportunity for one of New York’s teams to claim temporary bragging rights. It also represents Barstool Yankees vs. Barstool Mets. KFC and I were trying to figure out a good bet for the series, and we threw some decent ideas out there. Loser has to write a homer blog for the winning team, loser has to buy 2 tickets for a game at the winning team’s stadium and bring the winner, etc. These are all nice and cute and BroBible-y, but we wanna do it big. That’s where you come in, stoolies. Whattya got? What kind of sick wagers can your degenerate minds concoct for the Subway Series? Just to save some time, here’s a brief list of things we will NOT be doing:

1. The loser will not be blowing the winner- even with this warning, I still expect to see this suggestion made at least 4 or 5 times. Barstool is a progressive site, but not that progressive.

And that’s it! Lets see what ya got.