I got a stupid question – where the fuck does all this water go? I mean thats A LOT of fucking water. Not like you can send a couple dudes down there with a Shop Vac to suck it out. thats gotta be like 8 feet of water. No fucking chance the subway system has ever seen flooding like this. Like people were shocked by Bloomberg saying it would be 4 or 5 days (KWATRO oh SYNC-OH DEEAS, for those of you speaking Spanish) but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was like “cuncel da subways.” No joke if he was like the subways are ruined forever I’d believe him. Sounds about right.

So the next week should be fun for you Cubicle Monkeys. Have fun walking to Wall Street! Next month should be fun when a monthly Metro Card costs $2,000 a month to make up for the hit the MTA is gonna take to clean this all up. Now you’re in New Yorkkkkkk! Concrete jungle thats way to expensive and now also a city thats regularly in the path of seasonal hurricanes! There’s nothing you can’ttt doooo!