As I’ve been doing this summer, every 500 followers for @KFCbarstool I give away more Barstool Gear to whoever deserves it most. Yesterdays showdown was between @KrissyKinz522 and @Nick_Mal:


Ahhhh. A timeless battle. Boobs vs. a die hard Stoolie. Smokeshow vs. a dude┬ápersevering in every sense of the word. Nick I’m not gonna lie, I love boobs, and KrissyKinz wasn’t lying. But the Call Me Maybe video from earlier this year sealed the deal. Free summer swag for @Nick_Mal.

Follow me on @KFCBarstool and every time I reach 500 new followers tweet me a reason why you deserve free Barstool Gear. Please note, next time around its gonna be really hard to beat the boobs reasoning.