ABC NewsA California plastic surgeon is keeping it in the family by performing multiple cosmetic procedures on his own young daughters. Dr. Michael Niccole, founder of the CosmetiCare Plastic Surgery Center in Newport Beach, Calif., gave his daughter Brittani, now 23, breast implants when she was 18. Brittani also had a rhinoplasty. Niccole performed surgery on his daughter Charm, now also 23, when she was 10 to turn her “outtie” belly button into an “innie.” Dr. Niccole said he has performed surgery on other family members as well and felt comfortable operating on his daughters, both of whom are adopted. “Who would give them the time — that extra little look during surgery more than I would?” the surgeon said. Though critics say women Brittani and Charms’ age have no business undergoing cosmetic procedures, Dr. Niccole defends his work on his daughters as “maintenance.” “I’m not changing their looks in any means. They want maintenance,” he said. “They don’t want to get old. They want to stay young.”

Guys relax. She’s adopted. Its ok. Not like he’s operating on his biological daughter’s tits. I mean this guy could technically have sex with these girls if he wanted, right?

I’m sure the adoption agency loved this one. Hey remember that doctor we gave those two little girls to 20 years ago? He’s turned them in to fake titted whores. Whoops. No wonder adopted kids always end up fucked up. Their parents are always hiding the truth from them or operating on their tits. They’ve got no chance really.

PS – Not gonna knock Charm one fucking bit. Outtie belly buttons are fucking disgusting. I don’t care if its your mother, your father, your grandma or your goddam self doing that operation. Make that thing an innie.