(Buzzfeed) — Sonja also says that she “wants to change her name to Hitler in order to clean up the name and help spread a positive message.”

People are pretty fired up about this today. I guess Sweden rotates one of their citizens every 7 days and lets them run the official Twitter handle. Obviously that didn’t take too long to go awry. But I don’t really see what the problem is? Sonja seems like a nice girl who wants to change her name to Hitler and has a few questions about Jewish people. It’s not like she was asking how to construct gas chambers or what the best thread count for a human hair pillow is. Just little things like how to spot a Jew and what’s the best way to label them. No harm, no foul.

PS — fuck your part Jewish coworker. I feel very strongly about this. I’m extremely racist against part-Jewish/part-Catholics. It’s not fair at all. Dudes got to flip-flop between thinking Jesus was a man or a god depending on what holiday season it was. Got to make it rain with their Christmas money meanwhile their Hannukah checks never saw the light of day. Total bullshit. Pick a side, bro. Pick a fucking side. Can’t celebrate the birth of Christ, then go change hats and kill him, then come back when it’s time for the rising and to hunt for Easter eggs.