The Daily What - The latest holiday catalogue released by Sweden’s toy retail chain Top Toy is making some buzz for breaking the gender-role stereotypes in its product pages, which features girls with Nerf guns and boys with doll houses and Hello Kitty. According to Jezebel, Top Toy’s gender-swapped catalogue may have been inspired in part by the widespread debate over the issue of gender equality that has been ongoing for the past few years in the Scandinavian nation.

Out of all the things the world is doing these days to bubble wrap kids and turn them into pussies, this gender neutral shit is by far the worst. Its absolutely the most fucked up way to get a get jacked up in the head. You’re either a boy or a girl. Thats how humankind works.  Trying to raise a kid so they don’t know which they are is so fucking wacky it makes me think animals might be smarter than us. Whats more confusing for the growth and development of a kid:

Boys like trucks and girls like dolls


Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina but the toys you are inclined to play with have actually been predetermined by years of gender discrimination from society. Here are pictures of boys playing with dolls and girls playing with guns in order to show you that all genders can play with all toys. If you want to play with guns and you’re confused by this picture of a girl playing with it and feel like you have to play with dolls because thats what the boy who looks like you is doing – don’t worry, you can still play with guns. No no, that doesn’t mean you only have to hang out with girls. You can hang out with boys too. No, it doesn’t mean you’re gay either. Its just that we want the world to be a genderless utopia of Barbie and Ken dolls with flat, genitalialess crotches playing with all sorts of different toys. Why? Hmm. Good question. Not sure. Because the world is turning into a bunch of freak show pussies and this is the easiest way to confuse the youth of America and make sure that continues to happen.

Just let boys be boys and girls be girls. Its been that way for the first 10,000 years of human existence and things aren’t too shabby.