If this video doesn’t get your stick off the ice, Rangers fans, you might wanna look into pills.  Four months of missed games had me damn near starved for this level of athletic entertainment.  Football, baseball, basketball – they may have more popular leagues but the products pale in comparison to how fucking awesome NHL hockey is.  Fastest game on earth, toughest athletes in sports, top down the most competitive league around and we’re finally dropping the puck on the 2013 season one week from tomorrow.  Rangers in Boston to take on the Bruins – January 19th.  It’s the Barstool Classic, baby, let’s the trash talking commence.  @Osgood_StoolNYC

PS – Whoever picked the music for this video damn near ruined it.  Pussy Brits just can’t sing over hockey highlights.  It’s like a porn movie with a classical backing track.  Can’t match the intensity level at all.  Other than that it’s pretty much Oscar worthy.