Sept 9th –  (Jets vs Bills)

Sept 30th – (Jets vs 49ers)

Oct 21st –  (Giants vs Redskins)

Nov 25th –  (Giants vs Packers)

Dec 9th –  (Giants vs Saints)

Dec 23rd –  (Jets vs Chargers)

Unlimited beer. Unlimited hot dogs. And you don’t have to go to the Seventh Circle of Hell Penn Station. That right there is worth about 500 bucks. The party bus leaves from Mad River on the Upper East Side, takes you right to the Meadowlands and you can tailgate right where it drops you off. Drink all the beer you can on the ride to and from. Stuff your face with hot dogs like you’re Joey fucking Chesnutt. And the Mad River shot girls go up and down the aisles giving out shots as you go.

Its the easiest, funnest way to get to a game. First up this year is the Jets opener against the Bills on September 9th. Lets face it, Jets fans – we’re gonna need to be shitfaced going into this season. Might as well get blacked out for Week 1 and party your ass off Mad River style before we kick off. Contact Kathleen to reserve a seat now before its all filled up. (212) 988-1832