Nola – A tea party leader in Mississippi rues the day that women won the right to vote. Women, she argues, are just too emotionally unstable and untrustworthy for the franchise. Yes, you read that right: The person making the case against women’s suffrage is Central Mississippi Tea Party President Janis Lane, herself a beneficiary of the 19th Amendment. In an interview this summer with the Jackson Free Press, Lane explains that she votes to counteract the insanity that other women regularly unleash at the polls. ”There is nothing worse than a bunch of mean, hateful women,” she says. “They are diabolical in how than can skewer a person. I do not see that in men.”

Preach sister! Preach! This Betty White lookin bitch has got the right idea. In a way she’s indirectly proving her own point. Like this bitch is so catty towards other girls she’s willing to give up suffrage all together just to stick it to other bitches. Thats a type of craziness that flat out doesn’t deserve a say in our society. She probably doesn’t even realize how she reinforced her own idea by saying this. Janis Lane hates women so much shes willing to ruin her own rights, as long as it ruins the rights of every other bitch she hates. She’s like Clayton Bigsby the Black White Supremacist from Chappelle’s Show. “Listen man. He’s too important to the movement. Tell him that he’s black, he would probably kill himself. His commitment is that deep.” Thats Janis Lane. Bitch woke up and realized she had a vagina and was a catty C U Next Tuesday and was willing to ruin her life as long as she took down every other broad with her.