Daily MailA photo of NFL quarterback Tim Tebow posing with four scantily-clothed women has been removed from Twitter – allegedly at the request of the Christian footballer himself. The photo of Tebow smiling backstage with members of the Broadway production Rock of Ages shows the four women posing around him in bikini tops. But actress Neka Zang later took to her Twitter account to report that she had to take the picture of the internet. ‘Well, due to Tebow’s “image” I was asked to remove the pic of him with us half dressed ladies,’ she wrote according to TMZ.  ‘He does know we arn’t [sic] real strippers right?’ Ms Zang added. Later the actress, who plays as an ensemble member in the production, removed that comment from her Twitter page as well.

Look, Tim. I understand you’re more than just a football player. I understand half the world that loves doesn’t even care about football. Its all about God and good behavior and living a moral life and all that shit. But I don’t give a fuck about that world. Neither do Jets fans. You could have banged all 4 of those broads for all I care. Even the gross one. There could be video of it happening all over Twitter and I wouldn’t care. I’d actually probably like you more.

My point here with this little rant about Tebow banging chicks on Broadway is that I understand there are gonna be stories like this because Tebow is unusual, but theres only so much I can take. I didn’t say anything earlier when he issued a cease and desist to the t shirt company selling a My Jesus shirt. But now less than a week later hes being a dick about what can go up on Twitter and what can’t and its just getting annoying. Yea yea I get it you’re the Messiah and kids look up to you and you have a big reputation to protect and fuckin whatever. Just stop being such a square about it. This is my cease and desist letter to you to stop being such a dickhead. What Would Jesus Do, Tim? He wouldn’t be a dick.

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