Daily Mail - With her enormous, glassy eyes, purple hair and coquettish pose, this girl could have stepped from the scene of a Japanese anime film. Anime fan Anastasiya Shpagina has transformed herself into a living cartoon character, complete with miniature waist, vividly-coloured hair, and a defined pout. Originally from the Ukraine, the 19-year-old takes style inspiration from the cartoons and computer animations that have a huge following in Japan, and has even adopted a Japanese name – Fukkacumi. Shpagina, who is just 5ft2ins tall, is already reported to have slimmed down to just over six stone in her attempts to resemble a living anime character, and is said to spend 30 minutes painstakingly applying her dramatic make-up to each one of her eyes. It is thought Shpagina may go even further in her efforts to achieve her desired look, with some reports claiming she intends to undergo surgery on her eyes to make her resemble her anime idols even more closely

Nice work, Fukkacumi! Now you just gotta get gangbanged by a space monster with tentacles and get bukkaked by a bunch of miniscule pixelated dicks to make the look complete.

I’m surprised this chick is even still alive. 5 foot 2, 84 pound, real life anime character is probably the most likely kidnapping victim on the planet earth. Just utterly shocking some Japanese business man hasn’t had her abducted yet. Like if you don’t think those Koreans from a couple weeks ago who just saw girls dance for the first time aren’t rigging up some ninja robot to hunt down Fukkacumi and capture her, you are outside of your mind.

As much as I make fun of the Asians though, I wish some chick would do that over here in America. If some chick dressed up like April O’Neil from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I would pay top dollar to have sex with her. I used to just straight up beat my dick thinking about her and that yellow jumpsuit.

Perhaps Daphne? Sexy little Disco hippie just looking for free love any chance she could get. Granted at any given moment she had a Fred Creampie floating up inside her but whatever, total smoke. If some chick modeled herself after Daphne she could be the most successful porn star of all time.

Shit, I’d even fuck a Cheetara look alike. Some circus chick with leopard spots and fur who clearly was the slut of the crew just running with all the boys. I’d look the other way on my hatred for cats to fuck that pussy.

(As always, here’s my full thoughts on having sex with every cartoon character ever)