NBCCollins was asked why he doesn’t call for more hit-and-runs and replied: That’s not necessarily true. We’ve missed a few signs.  There’s a few secrets that aren’t out there yet. That’s why I’m not worried about the other team [stealing our signs], because we haven’t got them [down] yet. Collins told Mike Mazzeo of ESPN New York that the Mets have already missed two squeeze bunt signs and multiple hit-and-runs, although he didn’t get into specifics.

I believe this is where the rest of the internet would say:


Maybe this is some sort of elaborate plan but Terry Collins. The opponents are picking up on the signs and think a hit-and-run is on, but jokes on them! Niewenmeyer doesn’t know the signs yet! He ain’t goin anywhere! Tricked you! Maybe milk a ball or 2 on a couple pitch outs or something.