Lady Gaga is in my top 5 most hated people on the planet earth. Terry Richardson I want to punch square in the face because I’m insanely jealous of his fake life. This teaser clip from her new music video should make me wanna commit a MurderDeathKill.

But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wanna see the full version of this video. It has largely to do with the Brazilian strippers in thongs spanking each other in the bath tub. But it also has to do with Lady Gaga convulsing and swinging around and squatting like a monkey taking a shit. Honestly she looks like someone from one of those exorcist movies when they start bending and moving in weird ways when they’ve been possessed. Its like I’ve got a boner but I’m also laughing. I’m angry but I’m jealous. I’m scared by I want more. Damn you, Gaga. Fuck you, Richardson. You guys win this round. Let me know when the full version drops.