See how easy that was? See how much easier it is to get front and back pages of all the papers if you just win? Don’t need to sign popular players for the hell of it. Don’t need to make guarantees or predictions. Don’t need to talk shit. Just win. Win and nothing else matters. Nobody gives a fuck about Tim Tebow when everyone else on the field is dominating the shit out of a division opponent. You can go from a “circus” to a contender overnight after hanging almost 50 in your week one opener.

That was one of the most satisfying wins in a long time for Jets fans. And nobody enjoyed it more than Mark Sanchez. Dude has been nothing but a consummate professional throughout an unbelievable amount of disrespect from management and the media. Hasn’t said a word. Just quietly waited until it was time to let his play do the talking. And yesterday he was talking. Completed 70% of his passes. 3 TDs. Aside from one minor disaster on that shovel pass INT, played a completely mistake free game. Led his team like a true, real starting quarterback should. Metaphorically shoved his dick down the throat of every person who doubted him for the past 6 months.

He wasn’t alone on offense either. Shonn Greene quietly rushed for almost 100 yards and a TD. Stephen Hill looked like a seasoned veteran out there leading the team in receiving. The rest was spread out amongst Kerley, Tone and Cumberland. If Hill and company play like this, Cro won’t have to worry about playing both ways and can just sit back and collect all the pick six’s he wants.

Which brings me to the defense – which I think played tremendous. I know they ended up giving up 28, which obviously isn’t good. But they played with a lead the entire game and if wasn’t for a couple larger mistakes I think it would have been a different game. I more pumped about the specifics. The playmaking ability they showed was outrageous. 4 takeaways. Revis set the tone. Cro with his pick 6. Most importantly Kyle Wilson with a huge interception. If Wilson has a big bounce back year and plays like they expect him too along side Revis and Cromartie, watch the fuck out. Laron Landry with a forced fumble. And on special teams you got Kerley with a billion yard punt return for a TD. Playmakers all over the fucking field.

Last but certainly not least – Austin fucking Howard. Dude went from “It doesn’t matter how I play because I’m just not Wayne Hunter” to Mr. T’s latest diamond in the rough. Mario Williams was non existent yesterday. Played one of the best defensive ends in the game straight up and absolutely stonewalled him. Apparently Mario was so butthurt that Howard owned him, he spent the whole post game crying about replacement refs and shit. Pussy.

Aside from the run defense giving up 160, the Jets looked perfect.