1. Nashville, TN
2. Charlotte, NC
3. Oklahoma City, OK
4. Memphis, TN
5. Columbia, SC
6. Cleveland, OH
7. Birmingham, AL
8. Milwaukee, WI
9. Houston, TX
10. St. Louis, MO

…20. Philadelphia, PA

…24. Chicago, IL

…35. New York, NY

…45. Boston, MA

Manly Categories / Criteria*

  • Sports — In addition to the number of professional major league sports teams in a city (football, baseball, basketball and hockey), the number of nearby NASCAR tracks and racing events were taken into account along with the quality of pro sports, based on ESPN’s “Ultimate Standings” fan survey and “The Donovan Index” (
  • Manly Lifestyle — Various consumer behaviors in each city were analyzed, such as the number of pickups and motorcycles registered in the city, rodeo events, sports TV viewing, fishing and home improvement.
  • Concentration of Manly Retail Stores — The number of manly stores and businesses were evaluated for each city, including BBQ and chicken wing restaurants, steak houses, sports bars, western/cowboy apparel stores, Harley Davidson dealerships and home improvement stores.
  • Manly Occupations — The number of construction workers, police officers, firefighters, and EMT personnel in each city were analyzed, using the “Occupational Employment Statistics” survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • “Board of Manliness” Rankings (NEW category this year) — For the first time in the study’s history, Combos® incorporated personal rankings of 10 individuals into the study results. This Board of Manliness ranked the 50 cities in the study and research expert Bert Sperling incorporated their composite ranking of the cities into a category weighted into the final rankings. The Board of Manliness includes publicly-known individuals such as actor and former bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno, former professional wrestler Sgt. Slaughter, baseball hall of famer Rollie Fingers, comedian and actress Judy Gold, world beard champion Jack Passion and lumberjack champion Mike Sullivan. In addition to the public figures, the Board includes four everyday Americans – a retired Navy Seal, a school teacher, a police officer and a mother of four boys.
  • Salty Snack Sales — Total sales for the “Salty Snack/Cracker” retail category were measured for each city. Combos® is a product in this business category.

“Manly Kryptonite” Category / Emasculating Criteria*
Cities also lost points for an overabundance of emasculating criteria – factors that reduced a city’s manliness rating. These factors included the number of home furnishing and décor stores, cafés/coffee shops, sushi restaurants, “modern” male apparel stores and cupcake shops. Cities with higher concentrations of these types of stores lost rating points.

Lists like this are always gonna be dominated by obscure cities that fucking suck because they take into account stupid stuff like hunting and fishing and how many times you fucked your own cousin and shit like that. Why even bother making a list about “cities” if the manliest shit is gonna be stuff hicks in the deep south do. Like I bet New York City would have been top 5 but there weren’t enough cross burnings and evangelical conferences in Midtown Manhattan. So we’re a bunch of pussies and the Klansmen down south are dubbed manly.

Fuck this criteria. Lets determine the Manliest Cities in America through the most manly barometer out there –

4. Chicago – Blogger: Neil

Dude’s name is Neil and he makes the Sales Guy look sexy. Part of being manly is not being named Neil and not letting bald Sales Guy have a nicer head of hair than you. Ruling: Chicago is not manly.

3. Philadelphia. Blogger: Mo

Mo is black, clearly, which give you a boost in the manly department. If we’re ranking pussies by race, white guys are definitely coming in first and black guys are definitely coming in last. So, huge edge right there to start. But Mo is also fashionable as fuck. He’s always got real nice clothes on and shit. At least the few times I’ve hung out with him, he’s always real trendy. One time he showed up to a Barstool dinner in a motherfuckin trench coat. It was either the coolest power move I’ve ever seen or the gayest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m leaning towards gayest. Ruling: Philadelphia is not manly.

2. Boston. Blogger: El Presidente

If this was the 2005 Manliest Cities List, El Pres and Boston would come in first. Pres was the founder of Barstool. The original “Common Man” that the Stool prides itself on. But alas, its 2012. Pres has sold out and become a bougie media mogul. More concerned with how his hair looks on TV appearances and black light techno parties, El Pres has lost his manly edge. Much like the city of Boston. Just a bunch of Pink Hat fans running around pretending they love every sport claiming that their little town of Boston is somehow a super power in the city rankings. Plus Pres is old and might die soon and part of being manly is not being dead. Ruling: Boston is not manly.

1. New York City. Blogger: KFC

If being a man was a 9 to 5 profession, I’d be a fucking CEO. I’m a tortured sports soul who stays true to his team despite constant failure. I’m dedicated and loyal. I’m the realest blogger out there. Straight shooter. Gunslinger. Got my finger on the pulse of the Common Man still. Add in the fact that I’m downright sexy and I have undeniable wit and charm, and I’m pretty much the blueprint for Manliness. In a city of like 4 million people, I’m the beacon of masculinity.

Factor in the beast of testosterone Kmarko:

And its like Jordan and Pippen in their prime. Manliest, non gay, duo out there, New York in a landslide motherfuckers.