I’m sure asshole high horse Yankees fans and loser baseball purists will bash this, but I fucking love it. Its as close to a real life Rick Vaughn Wild Thing entrance as you can get. People headbanging, dudes in gorilla costumes, sumo wrestler masks. Pure mayhem. Whats even funnier is that as I was Googling this to see what its all about, everyone was saying shit like “A’s fans trying to entertain themselves since they’re clearly out of contention.” Fast forward a couple months and after erasing a 13 game lead and a 5 game lead with 9 to play, A’s fans are raging in the playoffs.

Anyway like I said, I’m sure some people will think this is corny but when the whole fucking stadium is doing it in the 9th during the playoffs the place is gonna be rockin. Its like Rivera’s Enter Sandman on steroids.