The best pitcher for sure. When Santana is dealing like he was today, he’s just as good as anyone who takes the mound.

I’m not gonna sit here and tell you this collection of guys that take the field with David Wright everyday are better than the Yankees. But the truth is I don’t know how or what to think about the Mets anymore. At what point does a miracle start turn into this team just being better than everyone thought? Its Memorial Day. We’re almost 50 games in. And these guys are showing no signs of slowing down. 2 games out of first. Santana only getting better and healthier. David Wright shows no signs of slumping. The cast of scrappy, no name white guys only becoming more confident and more capable. And with the rock RA Dickey, steady middle-of-the-rotation Jon Niese, and the kid with potential Dillon Gee behind Johan, this pitching staff is more than formidable. Who knows – make it to the trade deadline still performing like this and they might even be buyers. Roy Oswalt, anyone? Things are only continuing to get better.

Now I know across town you’ve got the big names and the big stars and the big contracts. But aside from Sabathia the pitching staff is full of question marks. The bullpen is a complete clusterfuck right now. Cano and Granderson are obviously studs and Jeter is arguably having the best year of his career, but aside from them you’ve got aging dinosaurs out there. Tex is on the precipice of being a $25 million dollar platoon player. Arod broke out for a couple games this week but at his age who knows how long that lasts? The rest of that roster doesn’t scare anybody. The names may be recognizable and their resumes may be more impressive, but the way these two teams have been playing their seasons are a lot more comparable than you’d think.

Again, not saying the Mets are a better team. That would be silly so early in the season. I’m just saying the Mets and Yankees are trending in completely opposite directions.  If it wasn’t for the team in Queens being comprised of no names and the Bronx Bombers being comprised of an All Star team from the mid-2000′s, this debate would seem a lot more realistic. Its just that people can’t fathom a world where a lineup of Lucas Dudas and Daniel Murphys and Kirk Niemanmarcuses and Vinny fucking Rollotinis can play better baseball than the big names like Tex, Arod and Jeter. Shit, I know it was hard for me. But what if thats just the case? The Mets seem like they’re over achieving, the Yankees seem like their underachieving – but what if these first 50 games aren’t really that much of an anomaly?

PS – It drives me fucking insane knowing the Wilpons are kicking back watching this team succeed. Like legitimately insane. Makes me want to murder someone. They went about this season in the cheapest most reckless manner and are getting so motherfucking lucky, its insane.