Obviously when a doormat matchup shows up on your team’s home schedule, every fan pre-chalks up the victory. I did. Already skipped passed the Brownies and consumed myself with the 4-game stretch after this weekend’s game. Then I thought about it and realized something – the Giants suck dick at home. Doesn’t matter who they host. Since last year, they’re .500 at MetLife – the only legit team they beat was Dallas to clinch the NFC East. They got beat up by Seattle and Charlie fucking Whitehurst. Lost to the Eagles with Vince Young running the show. Their other wins? Well, they did beat the 2-14 Rams. Squeaked past big, bad Buffalo with a last-minute FG. Mounted a 10-point 4th quarter rally to put down the Dolphins, who came to town 0-6. And, last but not least, this year’s comeback victory against perennial powerhouse Tampa Bay. So for as pathetic as Cleveland has been since Bernie Kosar, you can be assured this will be a game regardless.

The Browns have lost 10 straight going back to 2011. They’re due. Trent Richardson is basically frothing out the mouth over how he plans to run rampant on the G-Men after watching LeSean McCoy rack up a buck 23. He’s a legit concern. Weeden’s been a serviceable QB – tossed for over 300 in his 2 road games, including last week at Ray Lewis’ house. With the potential for the Giants’ mediocre-at-best-when-healthy secondary to be missing Rolle, Phillips, Hosley & Webster (all 4 skipped practice Thursday), he wouldn’t be the worst signal caller to have a career day against them (see Whitehurst, Charlie). If you’re expecting Eli to be able to pick them apart, that’s possible – but he’ll once again be without Nicks, most likely Barden and probably won’t have his regular line protecting him. Plus, Cleveland’s D isn’t awful. They’re up near the top of the NFL in sacks & picks, and D’Qwell Jackson is a beast. If I’m in the Dawg Pound, I gotta feel like the stars are aligning.

I’m not saying I think NY will lose – I’m just saying I wouldn’t put it past them. Either way, this weekend isn’t gonna be the worry-free coasting to San Francisco that Giants fans may be expecting.