Wonderwall – The odds are in Jennifer Lawrence‘s favor! The Hunger Games actress was voted 2013′s “Most Desirable Woman” in AskMen‘s annual poll. Lawrence, 22, who currently stars as a sex-obsessed widow opposite Bradley Cooper in the acclaimed Silver Linings Playbook, topped the list of 99 women after landing in No. 47 last year. ”Overall, there’s a sense that she’s a little more authentic than other actors,” James Bassil, editor-in-chief of AskMen, told Reuters Tuesday. “She’s fresh because we haven’t seen her all over the gossip pages for the past three or four years.” Directly behind Lawrence on the “most desirable” list is actress (and Ashton Kutcher‘s girlfriend)Mila Kunis, model Kate Upton, singer Rihanna and actress Emma Stone in fifth. And far behind those ladies was reality starlet Kim Kardashian, fell 90 places this year. She was No. 8 last year, but just barely made the 2013 list at No. 98.

Jennifer Lawrence. Real weird chick. Certainly not the most desirable chick in the world. Not even top 50 probably. But shes an interesting case. Like that picture of her in the red? Sexy. These pictures here:

Desirable. These pictures here? Not so desirable

Shes got a round face and fat arms farms. Kinda looks like Khloe Kardashian in that brunette picture. Now I’m sure she’s one of these chicks that if she walked in the bar at night I’d be like “Who is that?” But we’re not talking about chicks I’d wanna bang at the bar. We’re talking about deeming a chick the most desirable woman on the planet. If we’re honestly making this list, slots 1 through 10 are basically all Victoria’s Secret models. The Bar Refaeli’s and the Candice Swanepoel’s of the world. But thats no fun. I’d say if we’re talking about just this past year, and we’re using the term “desirable,” you’d have to throw Kate Upton the number 1 slot. I think she looks like Anna Nicole Smith now, but for the majority of the 2012 she was captivating dicks everywhere with her tits and her dance moves. Its not like she’d win “Most Beautiful Girl In the World.” But if we’re talking desirable I think she gets the nod. Its like when you argue what “valuable” means in the MVP race.

PS – Yes, Jenna Marbles came in 90th on this list. Somehow beat out Paulina Gretzky. Madness. I hope the Mayans were right.