I’m never going to be mistaken for an NBA fan. There’s no doubt about that. I will bash it until the day I die. The NBA is a league of Wide Receivers. Me-first, cry baby, prima donnas. It disgusts me. But this shit might be even worse than their whining: the fact that they, and everyone associated with the league, are the biggest pussies on the planet. They’re soccer players who can use their hands. “Unbelievable”? “Cheap shot in the biggest way”? “The low of lows”? Jesus Christ he poked a guy. Fucking POKED a guy. You know, that shit you used to do in kindergarten to girls you thought were cute? If this was hockey not only would it not be a discussion, it wouldn’t have been a penalty. But because it took part in the No Balls Association the commentators would have you believe Delonte just ripped Hayward’s brain through his ear hole. They make Joe Buck’s description of Randy Moss mooning Lambeau look like a ringing endorsement. Get over it and let the guy shoot his fucking free throws. He earned them.