If you are going to do Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you really should do an all alien team, my top 3 candidates are Sam Cassell, Rajon Rondo, and Tony Womack

Im so low on the cubicle monkey totem poll my desk does not even have cubicle walls

Yesterday’s Athletes Who Look Like Ninja Turtles blog was a hit so lets keep in moving with the athletes that look like aliens.

1. Sam Cassell

Sam Cassell shouldn’t technically make this list. Because this is a list of athletes who look like aliens. I’m almost 100% sure Sam Cassell is just actually an alien. Sent from another planet to infiltrate our society as a member of the NBA. Out of all the dopplegangers in this world, Sam Cassell as an alien is the number 1 lookalike.

2. Reggie Miller

Motherfucker looks so much like a Ferengi its scary. When Cheryl Miller is the second ugliest person in your family, you know you look like something from outer space

3. Chris Bosh

Intergalactic Bounty Hunter? A Na’vi from Pandora? Raptor from Jurassic Park? Either way this nigga ain’t human.

4. Tyrone Hill

Tyrone Hill’s nostrils look like the inbound and outbound lanes of the Lincoln Tunnel. His nose faces the same way as his eyeballs. I mean that schnoz is so weird, Tyrone Hill would sign for Patrick Ewing’s nose in a heartbeat. When you are jealous of Patrick Ewing’s nose, you are not human.

5. Popeye Jones

Alright Sloth ain’t an alien, but this shit is spot on.

Honorable Mention, just out of sheer ugliness:

6. Otis Nixon

Otis Nixon – you ain’t got no alibi.

UPDATE: Otis Nixon looks so much Michale Jackson from the Thriller video its not even funny