If you ever meet someone from the Bible Belt, or a foriegn country, or another galaxy, and you need to explain the Jersey Shore to them, this is what you show them. Its like the Rosetta Stone for Seaside. Unlocks the secrets and modern understanding of the Guido.

It began in the 90s with the Wildwood New Jersey Boardwalk Video:

Several years ago it progressed to Guido Beach:

“Biggest pet peeve? I dont even what the fuck that means”

And now the latest installment in Jersey Trash is here. Its a long video, so here are some highlights:

0:30 Black Guy – If you’re a bitch ass nigga, stay home. Please stay home because you will be beating up quickly.

1:30 – Montage of every single dude saying their favorite part of the Shore is “the bitches” *Extra points to the dude at 1:45 who specifies “white bitches”

2:31 – Is that Jenna?

3:19 Dude growling like a Pirate – I literally think that guy doesnt know how to talk because he tries and fails many many times

3:28 – Militant Black Man, 3:46 Growl - Since when are there so many black people in seaside?

4:32 Air guitar – The most Jersey dance move I’ve ever seen. Bon Jovi or Springsteen playing? Even money

5:22 Girl licking face – Should probably taker her home to mom.

5:47 Blowjobs guy – This may be Ed Hardy himself.

6:03 Roid Rage – Apparently he called that dude immediately

6:18 More black people who love World Star Hip Hop – Fuck you guys, Viva La Stool!

8:12 The Virgin Slayer – Takes one to slay one, bro

9:19 What would you change about Seaside Heights – Tremendous Editing.