Bro that was the first round? Are you fucking kidding me? We’re gonna have to do this shit 3 more times? Jiminy fuckin cricket. You got Rangers and Devils fans celebrating like last night’s Game 7 victories were the end all be all and it was to knock off 2 shitty teams in the opening round! Completely bananas. I feel like the Rangers and their fan base are bruised and battered and have nothing left in the tank and this shit legitimately just started.

Thats why I think there’s something wrong with hockey. It is way to easy for a 7 seed or an 8 seed to win their first round match-up. And out of all the major sports I feel like hockey is the only one where you consistently hear about 3-1 leads or 3-0 leads being blown. I mean I love it because I’m just a casual fan tuning in and love hearing about upsets. But if I was a diehard hockey fan and I watched my team or some other teams go balls to the wall for 82 games and earn the number 1 seed only to run into some no name goaltender who stands on his head and a scrappy bunch of 8 seed jabronis who sneak a sudden death goal in to win it, I’d be furious. I guess thats all part of the allure of hockey? Its such a fucking shit show out there that anything can happen? Its like goddam March Madness but with professionals. I dunno. I’m sure I sound like a chick that’s never watched the sport, but it just seems absurd that the defending champ 2 seed is knocked out, the number 1 seed in the West is gone and the 1 seed in the East is celebrating their huge game 7 victory over some .500 team. I mean there was a chance last night that the 5, 6, 7 and 8 seeds all would have advanced in this first round (I’m considering the Panthers the 6 since they were actually the shittier team) That just shouldn’t be. It completely negates the ENTIRE regular season. The lower seeds should be forced to play without a goalie for the first round or something. Or a permanent power play for the favorite. Everyone on the 8 seed should have to use goalie sticks. That would make it more reasonable.