Last time we saw The Illusion Hamish Patterson he was talking about just living life in a high frequency zone. It looked like he was nothing more than a surfer bro making supercool frequency adjustments and surrounding to the universe. Nothing more than a surfer cruising around town on his motorsickle.

Well looks like we were dead wrong about The Illusion. Looks like deep beneath that El Pres schnoz and underneath that lettuce on his head there’s a lot more than just sunshine and shredding. Dude is worried about Tibet and human rights and the environment. Guy hates China. And you know what? So do I. I fuckin hate China too. If I found out Bloomberg was in bed with the Chinese, I wouldn’t be stoked at all either. So let this be a lesson to everyone – don’t judge a book by its cover and don’t judge a surfer by his hair and beak. Because maybe deep down there’s a political activist that doesn’t want to pander to China. Maybe the surfer image is just…AN ILLUSION.

Reporting to you live from somewhere on spaceship earth, I’m Blogatron KFC.