Who’s getting benched, the lineup, numbers with runners in scoring position, lifetime match ups, lefty/righty splits- none of it matters. You can pile up a Bill James stack of sabermetrics and throw it right out the window because that stuff just doesn’t mean anything in a game 5 win-or-go-home. That’s not what tonight’s about. Tonight’s about CC proving that he’s still one of baseball’s elite. It’s about Granderson and Swisher getting their heads out of their asses. Cano remembering that he’s a top 5 hitter in this league and connecting on 2-0 meatballs unlike last night. Ichiro, you like the Yankees? You like heaven? Earn it. Tex, you hit home runs for a living. Robertson, keep it up. Pitche Soriano! Joba- well, Joba… you sit this one out because you legitimately have the worst luck a human has ever had and your on-field death is imminent. A Rod, you wanna say you’ve matured over the last 10 years and you’re all about the team? Prove it when your name gets called tonight because it will get called tonight. Raul… you just keep doing you baby. One bounce this way or that way often times ends up being the reason one team advances in an elimination game. Nunez, stay the FUCK away from that bounce.