I’m so sick and tired of all the cutesy bullshit. Last night was a perfect chance to knock off a good team having an off night and the Jets missed so many opportunities because they have absolutely no fucking game plan. Actually, check that, they have a game plan, its just that the plan happens to be completely erratic and all over the fucking place.

It obviously begins with Tebow and Sanchez. This in and out bullshit is just insane. It basically gives Sanchez one less down per series every single time because Tebow runs a keeper directly into the line of scrimmage. Even last nite – when Tebow had his best offensive game of the year – its just still not enough to justify it. At any given moment the Jets had like 15 dudes shuffling on and off the field. Wasting precious time outs and killing the momentum on very rare drives because there’s 12 men in the huddle, play clock winding down, tons of confusion. I mean they started running the wildcat with McKnight last night too. How many fucking guys can take snaps? 4? 5?

It doesn’t stop there. Bilal Powell vs. Shonn Greene is a nightmare. They basically split all the carries last nite and neither are that good. Greene coming into the night was legitimately the worst running back in the league. He finally makes a couple big plays though but Bilal Powell is being slowly more factored all night long. How can anybody on offense get into a groove with the offense being run like this? There’s about 2.5 quarterbacks, and 2.5 running backs between Sanchez, Tebow, McKnight, Powell and Greene.

Throwing passes to cornerbacks lined up as wideouts. Fake punts on special teams. Joe McKnight returns a kick 100 yards and they take him out on the very next kick. What in the fuck is going on? Its like Rex and Sparano and the coaching staff and the GM think they’ve created some sort of organized chaos when in reality its just chaos. I totally understand that this team is completely devoid of talent and maybe getting creative isn’t a bad idea. But when you cross from creative to cute you’re fucked. Truth of the matter is this team is 2-3 but only a game back in the division. If they had been playing traditional football up until now, I’d be a little more confident. But its a team with zero offensive weapons and a coaching staff playing every game like its Madden. Recipe for and even larger disaster.