Kate Upton:

Anna Nicole Smith:

Well we all knew this was coming. Kate Upton was the hefty blond with big tits and crazy sex appeal. The comparisons to Anna Nicole Smith were a no brainer. I just didn’t think she’d transform into her at age 20. Thought she’d make it to like 25 before she became just another big pair of yabos. Thought she had a few more years of being the cute/sexy/flirty blond. Now we use words like “buxom” “sultry” and “voluptuous” which are just words used to describe fat girls that you still wanna fuck. Seriously if I was a chick and someone called me “buxom” I’d starve myself for the rest of eternity.

Oh well, Kate. You had a good run. We’ll always have The Dougie and The Cat Daddy