Jesus Christ almighty this kid fucking sucks. Up there babbling about Jesus and all this other garbage. Spoken like a dude who used to be the funny chubby kid and now has turned into some religious hipster doofus that nobody likes. Nice Malcolm X glasses you loser. And don’t worry about people watching Two and a Half Men. Now that you’re some crybaby Jesus freak and Chuck Sheen is gone nobody gives a fuck about your show. Should be called Ashton Kutcher, A Closet Gay Dude, and One Full Blown Skinny Asshole.

Is it possible to be a child star and turn out normal? I mean you’d think this kid would be the nicest guy in the world. He was like the highest paid child TV star ever. Should be so grateful that “Jesus blessed him” and shit like that. Instead he’s on camera ranting and preaching like a dick. That Chauncy Billups lookin priest is a full blown God Freak and even he looks like “What the fuck is this asshole talking about?” Just like Macaulay Culkin – kid was so nice and cute and next thing you know he’s raped by Michael Jackson and he kidnaps Mila Kunis for 8 years and turns into some emo freakshow. This Two And A Half Men Kid probably got touched by Charlie Sheen during one of his binges and went off the deep end after that.

PS – Does anyone¬†call him¬†anything other than “The Kid From Two And A Half Men?” I’m looking right at the youtube that has his real name in the title and I still won’t call him that.